Website - Hero banners

Option 1: Use ASE's photos

1.1. Big full page banners

1.2. Set of professional photos (in brand style)

1.3 Branded templates with casual photos

Option 2: Use subject specific stock photos

Option 3: Use stock or custom illustrations for 1-2 pages and simple designs for secondary pages

3.1 Key Landing Page with illustration

3.2 Key Landing Page with a photo collage

Secondary pages

Home Page Content Blocks

Option 1. Photos with description and read links

Option 2. Photos with title and link + mixed with text blocks blocks

Option 3: Mix own or stock photos with illustrations

Additional suggestion 1: Replace photos on one page with custom icons

<aside> 💡 Suggested key words (based on web-site review and previous meetings): innovation, sustainability, STEM / STEAM, pioneer, leadership, education, partners


Additional suggestion 2: Improve design of SM icons

3. Visual Assets for Social Media

Option 1: Own photo